no-time nailart

No-Time Nailart: Pikachu

As mentioned in my previous post time is a commodity in very short supply for me of late. This has forced me to be a bit smarter when thinking about what constitutes nailart and how I could possibly manage it a bit more quickly. Enter the No-Time Nailart series; for when you need nailart in your life but with only as much time as it takes to paint your nails usually!

This time I wanted to share a full set nailart I did a while back. My husband and I have been Pokemon fans since it began and it is still quite prevalent in our lives today (about 15 years later..?).
IMG_1357.JPGExcuse the messy cuticle clean up! :s

My fingers had to be at all sorts of weird angles to make this look remotely like Pikachu and would therefore work better on shorter nails!

To achieve this look I simply painted my nails in a base of yellow (I believe it’s Avon’s Suddenly Sunny…), used my largest dotting tool to swirl large red circles on the index and little fingers for his cheeks and used a black nail art pen to draw on the eyes on the middle and ring and the nose and mouth on the thumb. Finally, I dotted two white dots in the eyes for detail and finished with a top coat.

Voila! A No-Time Pikachu!

What do you think?