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Tip Tuesday: Give Your Hands A Deep Moisture Treatment

IMG_1614.JPGToday’s tip is all about how up give your hands a lovely treat; a deep moisture treatment at home.

This is an essential treatment for people who’s hands are in water a lot or prone to dry, cracked skin and an all round relaxing experience for anyone else!

You will need:
• Sweet almond/olive oil or your favourite rich moisturising cream or lotion
• Cling film
• Nail polish remover
• Cotton wool
• Towel
• Cuticle oil
• Heated towel (optional)
• 30 mins to yourself!


1) Cover the surface you’re working on with your towel and remove all nail polish

2) Pull off two sheets of cling film and set them to one side. You want the pieces to be about A4 sized. It’s much easier to do this now!

3) Apply cuticle oil to cuticles and massage in. You can skip this step if you’re using oil rather than lotion or cream for your deep moisture treatment.

4) Apply a very generous amount of oil, cream or lotion to both hands. It should feel like you’ve applied too much. Don’t worry about massaging it in but make sure it’s spread all around your hands.

5) Wrap your hands snuggly in the cling film, making sure there’s no skin on your hands exposed (you may need a hand here!). If you’re using a heated towel, wrap this around both hands now. Leave your hands wrapped for at least 15 mins. They may feel like they’re sweating but this is fine.

6) Unwrap both hands and massage in the oil, cream or lotion until it’s all absorbed. You can use your towel to wipe off a bit of excess if you need to.

If your hands are particularly dry, try this treatment twice a week for 2 weeks, alongside regular everyday moisturisation, and see what a difference it makes.
If you have normal skin, try this once every fortnight.

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Let me know below how you found this treatment!


No-Time Nailart: Pikachu

As mentioned in my previous post time is a commodity in very short supply for me of late. This has forced me to be a bit smarter when thinking about what constitutes nailart and how I could possibly manage it a bit more quickly. Enter the No-Time Nailart series; for when you need nailart in your life but with only as much time as it takes to paint your nails usually!

This time I wanted to share a full set nailart I did a while back. My husband and I have been Pokemon fans since it began and it is still quite prevalent in our lives today (about 15 years later..?).
IMG_1357.JPGExcuse the messy cuticle clean up! :s

My fingers had to be at all sorts of weird angles to make this look remotely like Pikachu and would therefore work better on shorter nails!

To achieve this look I simply painted my nails in a base of yellow (I believe it’s Avon’s Suddenly Sunny…), used my largest dotting tool to swirl large red circles on the index and little fingers for his cheeks and used a black nail art pen to draw on the eyes on the middle and ring and the nose and mouth on the thumb. Finally, I dotted two white dots in the eyes for detail and finished with a top coat.

Voila! A No-Time Pikachu!

What do you think?


How To Be 10 People At Once…And A Nail Technician


Ok, do the truth is…I’ve not actually cracked this and not sure I ever will! But I wanted to do a ‘day in the life’ post to talk about what a typical day for me looks like at the moment.

My little girl will be 6 months old in a few days (it’s gone so fast!) and even though the intensity of the newborn days has died down somewhat life with a 6 month old is still, if course, pretty full on. Here’s what a weekday might look like for us:

7:30 Wake up, chat and play, go down for breakfast
8:30 Eat own breakfast and give baby hers
9:00 Clean up from breakfast and have my shower
9:15 Get me and baby dressed got the day
9:30 Baby’s milk feed and first nap. Check out the latest nail news on Twitter/Pinterest/Wordpress
10:30 Leave the house if we’re going out for the day/going shopping, otherwise entertain baby
12:30 Baby’s second nap in the pram if we’re out
13:30 Lunchtime for both of us
14:30 Clean up from lunchtime. Baby’s milk feed and next nap. Check Instagram.
15:30 Husband returns from work and gym. Quick catch up before I tag him in and hand over the baby
16:00 Prepare nail room and change into tunic.
16:30 Client arrives for treatment
17:30 Baby’s next nap (overseen by hubby)
18:30 Have dinner
19:00 Quick milk feed and clean up from dinner and get baby’s bath ready
19:30 Baby’s bathtime
20:15 Story-time and baby’s last milk feed. Start writing tonight’s blog post.
20:30 Baby’s bedtime. Finish blog post and editing. Do some written module work.
22:30 My bedtime

Of course, it isn’t always this structured every day; if only it were! It all depends on what the baby, or ‘The Boss’ as I like to call her, needs on that particular day.


It is demanding but I wouldn’t change it.