How To Be 10 People At Once…And A Nail Technician


Ok, do the truth is…I’ve not actually cracked this and not sure I ever will! But I wanted to do a ‘day in the life’ post to talk about what a typical day for me looks like at the moment.

My little girl will be 6 months old in a few days (it’s gone so fast!) and even though the intensity of the newborn days has died down somewhat life with a 6 month old is still, if course, pretty full on. Here’s what a weekday might look like for us:

7:30 Wake up, chat and play, go down for breakfast
8:30 Eat own breakfast and give baby hers
9:00 Clean up from breakfast and have my shower
9:15 Get me and baby dressed got the day
9:30 Baby’s milk feed and first nap. Check out the latest nail news on Twitter/Pinterest/Wordpress
10:30 Leave the house if we’re going out for the day/going shopping, otherwise entertain baby
12:30 Baby’s second nap in the pram if we’re out
13:30 Lunchtime for both of us
14:30 Clean up from lunchtime. Baby’s milk feed and next nap. Check Instagram.
15:30 Husband returns from work and gym. Quick catch up before I tag him in and hand over the baby
16:00 Prepare nail room and change into tunic.
16:30 Client arrives for treatment
17:30 Baby’s next nap (overseen by hubby)
18:30 Have dinner
19:00 Quick milk feed and clean up from dinner and get baby’s bath ready
19:30 Baby’s bathtime
20:15 Story-time and baby’s last milk feed. Start writing tonight’s blog post.
20:30 Baby’s bedtime. Finish blog post and editing. Do some written module work.
22:30 My bedtime

Of course, it isn’t always this structured every day; if only it were! It all depends on what the baby, or ‘The Boss’ as I like to call her, needs on that particular day.


It is demanding but I wouldn’t change it.