Tip Tuesday: Give Your Hands A Deep Moisture Treatment

IMG_1614.JPGToday’s tip is all about how up give your hands a lovely treat; a deep moisture treatment at home.

This is an essential treatment for people who’s hands are in water a lot or prone to dry, cracked skin and an all round relaxing experience for anyone else!

You will need:
• Sweet almond/olive oil or your favourite rich moisturising cream or lotion
• Cling film
• Nail polish remover
• Cotton wool
• Towel
• Cuticle oil
• Heated towel (optional)
• 30 mins to yourself!


1) Cover the surface you’re working on with your towel and remove all nail polish

2) Pull off two sheets of cling film and set them to one side. You want the pieces to be about A4 sized. It’s much easier to do this now!

3) Apply cuticle oil to cuticles and massage in. You can skip this step if you’re using oil rather than lotion or cream for your deep moisture treatment.

4) Apply a very generous amount of oil, cream or lotion to both hands. It should feel like you’ve applied too much. Don’t worry about massaging it in but make sure it’s spread all around your hands.

5) Wrap your hands snuggly in the cling film, making sure there’s no skin on your hands exposed (you may need a hand here!). If you’re using a heated towel, wrap this around both hands now. Leave your hands wrapped for at least 15 mins. They may feel like they’re sweating but this is fine.

6) Unwrap both hands and massage in the oil, cream or lotion until it’s all absorbed. You can use your towel to wipe off a bit of excess if you need to.

If your hands are particularly dry, try this treatment twice a week for 2 weeks, alongside regular everyday moisturisation, and see what a difference it makes.
If you have normal skin, try this once every fortnight.

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How To Grow Your Nails

Hello! Welcome to my maiden post!

Rather than a bio post I wanted to write something that would hopefully be handy for people with an interest in nails and it’s a subject I get asked about quite often: how on earth do you grow your nails so long???

I’m quite lucky to have naturally strong and fast-growing nails, as people quite often like to confirm to me.


Some of it is down to the luck of the draw (or gene pool) but is there anything you can do to help your nails grow naturally? The answer is yes!

My 2 top tips are:

1. Moisturise Cuticles Often
When I say often, I mean more than often. As often as you possibly can, especially if your hands are prone to dry skin or are in water a lot.
The best you can use is cuticle oil but olive oil, a nice rich hand cream or even petroleum jelly (if that’s all you have to hand) will do the job.
If you can massage some in after every hand wash, fabulous. If that’s impractical for you aim for twice a day, morning and evening or, as a very bare minimum, every evening before bed.

2. File Nails Once Per Week
If your nails are particularly short your instant reaction to this tip may be to launch the nearest object at the screen, but it really does help, believe me!

To help give you an idea of how it works it’s a bit like when you mow the lawn or have your hair trimmed; it encourages it to grow. So the same goes for your nails. If you ‘trim’ them little and often you encourage new growth. You’re only looking to make a couple of strokes on each nail with your file to encourage new growth, not saw the whole thing away (also, never saw with your file on your natural nails…tips on filing your nails to come in a future post!)!

Follow these tips and you are likely to see a marked improvement within a fortnight!

I hope you’ve found this post useful. If you’ve any questions, please leave me a comment below!